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Who are we ?

For more than 14 years, Jean-baptiste MARION has been at the helm of the "TÉLÉMAQUE" trawler.

For many generations, this family of fishermen have remained loyal to their local Grandcamp-Maisy fishing port located in Calvados.

15 meters wide and 95 meters long with a crew of 6 people, who you will get to knowthrough our various photos.

Our fishing seasons

From October 1st to May 15th: Great scallop fishing

From May 15th to October 1st: Various fish and scallops


For sales to private individuals as well as companies you can contact:

Virginie at: +33 (0)786 494 653 or by email:

Deliveries are possible throughout France depending on the quantity or you can arrange

to collect on site.

Discover us in pictures

On November 8th, Arnaud Chapelle, photographer, embarked aboard the Télémaque trawler from Grandcamp-Maisy, for 24 hours, to fish for Great Scallops along the Baie de Seine. As a result, there are some magnificent pictures of the fisherman's craft. His work, titled ‘Pecten maximus, the men of the Télémaque’, is displayed on his Facebook page.

The photos of fishing and life on board, as well as the crew in their natural habitat, all pay homage to the five Télémaque sailors, Jean-Baptiste, Franck, Stéphane and Clément (and Hugues who was absent that day), "who, day-in, day-out, do their job with passion despite all the aberrations of EU leaders regarding fishing quotas and zones".

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